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SingleCore Frame

SingleCore Frame

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Designed by SingleCoreFPV, this frame is designed with 4 key design elements in mind, bringing key improvements for serious racers.

Simplicity: This frame greatly simplifies arm mounting by eliminating fragile wiggle plates. This design is radially symmetric, arms touch-off on each other at 90 degree angles to increase stiffness and durability. Arms maintain superiors mounting while being replaceable with 1 screw. The SingleCore Pro takes this to the level by combining all 4 arms into 1 plate. This isn't an economical design, but it is required to make the best!

Durability: All carbon parts are premium 6mm chamfered TransTEC Carbon Fiber for the best durability. Arm mounting doesn't use a fragile wiggle plate, so you get full height arm mounting! Motor Mounts have been designed to nearly eliminate breaks at the motor. The SingleCore Pro takes this to the next level by maintaining continuous carbon fiber diagonally from tip to tip (stack screws don't pass through main plate)

Performance: This frame provides impressive performance from the compact, lightweight design and from the premium Carbon Fiber. Flight performance is unmatched on the SingleCore Pro (Solid Body). This frame flies like it's on rails, due to the incredibly stiff, lightweight design!

Note: This frame is currently designed for the Runcam Nano Racer series, with 50 degree fixed mounts. The camera requires inversion to clear the stack.

Build Tips: Included screws are zinc coated 12.9 grade alloy steel, not stainless steel. Do not replace as these are stronger. Please use blue Loctite on motors and the bottom screws of standoffs for the best performance. Do not Loctite on nylock nuts or on the top plate screws.


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